What is Gentle Creative?

This is where you can get gentle, realistic advice that will nudge you along with your writing journey.

Do you recognise any of these voices?

  • I’ll only be a real writer when I’m published.

  • I’m such a slow writer, I’ll never get anywhere.

  • Is it worth the effort?

  • I have a job, family, so much to do, but I really want to write.

… then you’re in the right place. Welcome!

There are so many things that can thwart your writing journey – and most of them happen in your own head. I like to encourage people to get past those inner demons and just keep plodding along. Think of me as your gentle cheerleader!

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I think that every creative person should believe that they can express their truth. Your writing matters.

What doesn’t matter is whether you are published, whether you’re making any money at it or whether you have one book, twenty books or none.

Your voice matters. You have something to say. And I want to nudge you into action so you say it.

What will you get when you subscribe?

I’m currently publishing two new articles a month, on the 2nd and 4th Friday. I also produce an end of month GC Insider which is where I spill the details of my own creative activity – the good, the bad and the ugly. I promise to tell the truth.

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Here’s what some of my fans say

“I love your courageous heart and your down to earth, honest approach.”

“I’m so excited about your blog, your writing, and you. I love your ideas, your insights, and your creativity!”

“I connect a lot to this, it’s like you are describing my life!!”

“I love the way your emails pop up every now and then, with heart warming, life changing, inspirational honesty.”

“It's like you have a window into my mind!”

Who is Cali Bird?

That’s me!

I live in the UK, about 40 miles north of London. I’m in my mid 50s and I’ve been a Buddhist for over 30 years.

When I was a student, I did a music degree. Faced with the prospect of being an unemployed flute player, I took the advice of the university careers service and trained to be an accountant!

I’ve spent all of my working life in the corporate world as an accountant, an investment banker and in more recent years as a software consultant. So I know what it’s like to have a real job.

Initially I tried to ignore my creative yearnings but mentally, I crashed and burned one too many times. For the past twenty years I have worked part-time in the day job and pursued creative stuff on the side. I’m currently taking a sabbatical from the job and I really don’t know what’s next on the work front.

I’ve recently published my first novel, called Tales of the Countess. It’s a romantic comedy featuring handbags that talk. Think Sex and the City meets Toy Story!

The book took twenty years to write (though it did spend nine years in the proverbial drawer). It turns out that a f**ked up imagination and reasonable command of the English language wasn’t enough. After six drafts of the manuscript, I discovered that I had a lot to learn about novel writing so I set about mastering story structure and how to show, not tell.

It was worth the effort. The book got excellent reviews. Here’s two of my favourite ones:

“Original (with knobs on), kooky (understatement), heartfelt and laden with humour…”

“It is the epitome of quirky and unorthodox, and takes romcom to a whole other level. I loved it.”

I’ve also been a life coach, given inspirational talks at Mind Body Soul events and wrote a personal development book. My work has been featured on BBC London, in Woman and Home magazine and I’ve done numerous radio interviews on the topic of combining personal creative projects with the day job.

As well as writing Gentle Creative I’m also working on books two and three in the Tales of the Countess series.

Remember - your writing matters. Deep down, you know it’s worth it. Subscribe now.

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Cali Bird loves to give gentle, encouraging advice about writing. Subscribe now to Gentle Creative. She is also the author of Tales of the Countess, a chicklit novel featuring handbags that talk!