Hey, Cali. Excellent piece and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

Right now I’m about 87,000 words into my next book and it’s very dark as large chunks of it take place in Hell.

So there’s a lot of blood, gore, dark themes, and violence in general, and I worry it might be too much for readers to handle even with copious content warnings.

But I guess I have to write the story that wants to be written and hope readers get what I’m trying to do.

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Hey Tyerone. I'm glad this was useful to you. I'm a bit worried about my story too but I think we have to write it out for ourselves in terms of what happens next. Then in subsequent drafts we can sort it out from a reader perspective. It's all a case of trusting the story and trusting emergence. There will a perfect way to present the story and its themes - we just have to keep digging until we find it!

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